Artwork Guidelines

When you place an order with, we will need to receive the artwork you would like to have engraved onto your glasses. This allows us to personalise the items you've selected to your precise specification - resulting in products that truly reflect your brand.

Which File Type Do We Work With?
We need vector artwork, saved as an .EPS file, created in Adobe Illustrator and saved as outlines if possible. If this isn't possible, we can help you; email us on as we could re-draw your logo for you. However, complicated logo’s will incur a small charge.

How To Work With Fonts
Your company logo and branding will have been created using a specific font. Your designer will be able to advise on this but if they can't, we can attempt to match it for you.

The Proofing Process
Once you've selected your glass and provided your artwork we will get to work, if you have ordered over 50 glasses we will create the first glass photograph it and email it over to you for approval. This will show your corporate logo in the specified position on the glass, as well as demonstrating the engraving of the logo/text and the colour/size/shape of the product itself.
We won't do anything further until we have received instruction from you, whether you're confirming you're happy with the proof or asking for changes to be made.

Once approved we will create your glass order in super quick time!